Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Hey y'all.  The cold snap has finally come and I realized I am without a cozy pair of mittens to carry my phalanges through this soon-to-be tundra.  Last year I stumbled across this yarn at Coldwater Collaborative in Excelsior.  Every year they have a great Super Bowl Sale where you find yourself freezing in a line down the block next to fellow knitters.  I do admit that experience was worth it, having scored a bag of GGH Savanna yarn.  This is an awesome blend of alpaca, linen, new wool and nylon.  Sounds like a strange mix, but it has a great single ply dread lock look (which strangely I find rather pleasing).

Long story short, I needed to get back into knitting, and am excited about this little project!  I have played with plaited cables, mostly in lazy swatch knitting, but have never used them in an actual finished piece.  Here's a great 4 row plaited cable recipe I'm using for these sweet garter stitch mitts!

Plaited Cable:
Row 1: k12
Row 2: p12
Row 3: k4, c8f
Row 4: p12
Row 5: k12
Row 6: p12
Row 7: c8b, k4
Row 8: p12

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