Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Update

The seasons have finally changed and my little friends are enjoying the outdoors.  This week will be a little chillier, so they may have to play indoors again for a few days.  I'm only planting a few things this year, due to the limited space issue, though I hope to learn more about patio/raised bed gardening, and perhaps do something larger next year.  I do have some things inside still growing from seed, like edamame, cilantro and banana peppers!  

Zucchini, wheatgrass and chives
Dwarf green beans (with homemade trellis - STICKS ARE FREE!) and spinach/lettuce/mesclun
Dwarf green beans
Great window box hooks for the porch save space!
Basil and a little thyme
More lettuce and mesclun
Rosemary, lavender and some succulants

Spoiled Baby

Still working on some gifts for my dear friends' bun on the way.  I always overmake when I'm excited.  I think the baby will like this one, because it's super grunge. 

Also, a pair of sweet botties in some cottons I had left over from some past projects.  Still in progress however!