Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrumb Mittens

A little late on this post, but I made these thrumb mittens for a friend this season.  I always struggle a little with home-knit mittens.  They're always fun to make, but never really make the cut on those super disgustingly cold days up here.  Thrumbing is a really great way to make knit mittens warmer and often more oven-mitt like (only if you like that sort of thing!).   I used this pattern over at Yarn Forward.  See below too for a quick cheesy video to illustrate how you make the thrumb.  It's pretty easy and the possibilities for color combos is endless.  Next year, I plan to make some in striped thrumb colors.  One tip, don't use too fluffy of a thrumb yarn if you don't want gigantic oven mitts.


Izabelle said...

They're lovely! And I love the song in the video. I wish it was colder in SoCal, I'd be making thrummed mittens like nobody's business.

Rae Ritchie said...

Thanks Izabelle! Don't wish too hard! I'm sure SoCal is nice!

Rae Ritchie said...
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