Friday, December 17, 2010

Thrifty Gifty

As I now have more time on my hands, I've been cracking down the last few days on some handmade holiday gifts.  I'm excited to share a quick crochet gauntlet pattern I designed.  A great small gift for anyone!  Feel free to make the cuff wider if needed.  These are a nice average size for a woman:

Materials:  1 100 yrd. ball worsted weight yarn (I just used some stuff that I had in my stash.  You really don't need a lot), E US hook (4-3.5 mm)

Ch 16 (leave a long tail, as you will sew cuff together in finishing)
SC into back leg of second chain from hook.  15 sc across total.
Turn, ch 1, sc into back leg across.  Work this row for 28 rows.

Connect in round (so "rib" runs lengthwise).  Ch 1, Sc 32 sts along edge of cuff.  Slip into first ch.

Ch 1, sc around.  Slip into first ch.  Repeat this row 3 more times.

Ch 3, dc around.  Slip into 3rd ch. Repeat this row 1 more time.

*Ch 3, dc1, ch8, skip next 8 stitches,  dc into 9th st.  Dc around, slip last stitch into 3rd ch.

Ch 3, dc around.  Slip into 3rd ch. Repeat 2 more times

Ch 1, sc around.  Slip into 3rd ch.  Repeat one more time.  Darn ends in.

Finishing:  Sew side cuff.  Darn ends in.

*For right gauntlet, use this row:  Ch 3, dc around to last 10 sts.  Ch 8, skip next 8 sts.  Dc into 9th st.  Dc 1, slip into 3rd chain.

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