Friday, January 28, 2011

Reclaimed Home

Apartment Therapy
For Strange Women
Reclaimed Home Store

I've come across these salvaged gems and couldn't resist sharing.  I stumbled upon Briana's salvaged home back this spring, and still can't get it out of my mind.  It received controversial discussion with the ever-so-modern Apartment Therapy crowd.  Sure, the taxidermy craze, if you can call it that, has turned into a ridiculous hipster phenomenon, but I love the destroyed yet cherished feel of her home.  

Also, I felt obliged to share the ever lovely cosmetic shop For Strange Women.  A truly inspired brand, the concoctions and packaging leave little to be desired.  Very few of us can say no to such beautiful product and brand design.

I found Reclaimed Home Store admittedly via Google image search, but was immediately drawn into this green story in renovation.  This couple has single-handedly renovated many Victorian era properties, and also creates home items out of salvaged materials.  It parallelled quite nicely with a very interesting book I'm currently enjoying called "Castles in the Air".  It chronicles a young Welsh couple's attempt to renovate a 15th century castle.  Though the title is a little campy, it's beyond interesting with loads of historical information as well as supernatural accounts.  Castles and magic?  A total nerd's dream.  

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