Sunday, February 20, 2011

Longing for Spring

With 6 more weeks of snow, and another estimated 18 inches of snowfall today, I am optimistically reminded of the future months to come.  I'm excited to get out on nature walks and hopefully participate in some urban gardening this spring.

Below are a few photos from our trip to Mackinac Island on lake Huron this past summer.  This town is the ultimate in simple living.  With no cars or modern architecture, it feels as though you've stepped back into the Victorian era.  For those who live there in the winter, food is often airlifted and delivered.  Perhaps a nice place to live as a hermit during the winter months, though 12 inches of snowfall can do that for you even in one of the largest cites in the Midwest.  We hope to travel back to Mackinac soon.

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LaventimeDreams said...

Hi, I have been admiring your work on Etsy and enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you have a great show!