Saturday, July 30, 2011


A while back my dear friend and inspirer Natalie loaned me her cherished book Drawn from New England by Bethany Tudor.  I felt very privilaged for Natalie to share this prize with me.  Her copy is in nearly mint condition, being printed in 1977.  What a beautiful book.

Tasha Tudor was a talented artist, farmer and mother during the 20th century.  She had a deep passion for the simple things, and created sweet and nearly magical traditions for her family.  Her lifestyle was nothing short of extraodinary, doing most everything in the fashion of the 1850's.  Growing the family's food source, keeping hens and cows as well as other farmyard animals.  A very productive woman, it seems all actions were taken with a lovingly atuned eye for beauty.

A few of my favorite Tudor family activities are making elaborate clothing catalogs for her children's dolls (4-times a year) and sending lit birthday cakes down the river for the children to chase along the riverside.

Thanks for sharing Natalie!

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