Friday, August 5, 2011

New Additions

Yesterday, my dear friend gave birth to her first child, Noah James!  He's the little tyke I can't stop crocheting and knitting for (see posts here and here).  Mom and baby are doing well, and we are so excited to visit them this weekend!

Speaking of new additions, we have a few new textiles around the house.  Last weekend we helped Dylan's parents a bit more with the big move.  They are trading in their cabin and Victorian home for a lakefront property that they can live in year round - kind of a best of both worlds.  Dylan's mom, Vonnie, is a big collector of all things old, but since the new house is just that, a new house, she feels the old world antiques won't sit well in the new property.  That being said, she's been super generous, giving many of her old prizes to us!  Check out the crochet bedspread above.  Vonnie's great aunt crocheted it.  Something like that would take me years to make!

Also, a new terrarium that I planted.  Hopefully I don't kill it!  Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!

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