Sunday, September 18, 2011

There once was a Kitten...

As it begins to cool down around here, I'm preparing for winter with some new handwear. Every year, I often plan on making a new pair of mittens, but I never can finish them up before the winter season is over.  I hope to have these new thrum mittens finished by the time the snow falls.  Luckily, the red mittens are ready for the brisk fall months.

Every year I look forward to fall because it is the prime time for staying in and knitting (total shut in!).  However, I am a bit sad the summer has come to a close, with my new interest in gardening.  On the other hand, I have planted some fall veggies in my little container garden.  Mini carrots, garlic and lettuce are beginning to sprout (although some mean squirrel keeps digging up my lettuce).

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