Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ireland 2012

We just got back from a fun a relaxing stay in Ireland!  My cousin Kelly had the most beautiful Irish Catholic wedding, so we made the journey to join the party! Though it was a great trip, we unfortunatley lost a day and a half because of flight delays. With that aside, we had an amazing, inspiring and joyful time, spending time with family, taking in the magical landscapes and hanging with the open-hearted locals.

 Most of our time was spent in the south western coast (Co. Kerry, Co. Cork, and Co. Clare)

The first big landscape we enjoyed was that of the Cliffs of Moher.  This was a beautiful day, just a moment away from raining.  Scenic but deadly; people are often taken away with a gust of wind near the edge! 

We also got to stay with the coolest nuns I've come to meet at the Nano Nagle Center near Mallow.  They have organic gardens, hens, sheep, donkey and some cattle.  They also have signed "cosmic walks" around the property which took us through riverscapes, hills, fields and even towns.  Serving as a nun during the 1700's, Nano Nagle was determined to provide education to Irish Catholic children, since the English Empire outlawed the schooling of Catholics.  Here are her chickens.

A wedding ensemble is never complete without a hat according to the Irish! I say no ensemble is complete without peanut butter and jelly.

At the old Jameson distillery. That's a lot of drink.

The beautiful national park in Co. Kerry

My sister and I are self-proclaimed "baby animal stalkers", so Ireland was the perfect destination for travel.  We didn't see many wild animals, but Ireland definitely has its share of domesticated animals. And most of them are pretty cute.

Sorry you didn't get to come with us, but I hope our slide show made up for it


Izabelle said...

Ireland! I've always wanted to go. Looks like you had a great time :)

Rae Ritchie said...

We did! I hope you get to go someday! It's a beautiful place with amazing people!