Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Morn Knitting

Daylight savings is always a little frustrating this time of year. No longer can I come home in the evening and work in the yard, and if I do want to go out and run by the creek I need to wear a super dorky flashlight headband thing. One upside however, is the added hour of sleep. Off to a slow start this morning, but excited to pick up a new knitting project. A pair of mittens for a good friend who has been extraordinarily helpful as of late.  My husband bought this yarn at the local yarn shop on sale. There was a lot of it left which was super baffling to me! Is a roving space-dye Italian bulky weight by Adriafil.

A ways back I made my super cozy felted fringe booties. This spring I scaled down the pattern and made them for my friend's new baby. I'm putting some time on the books to make these for a few of my buddies for Christmas. The pattern comes from Tiny Owl Knits Patterns. You can buy the pattern here.

Our soundtrack for the morning comes from Beverly. Check it out over here at Pitchfork

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