Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hardy Plantings

It's already feeling like fall up here.  I need to find a cozy place inside the house for this sweet gift Dylan's mom put together for me this summer (sigh, summer's coming to an end).  When we first received this little puppy, there were only a few blossoms, though these hen and chicks are quite something.  They reproduce constantly, creating new blossoms every week seemingly.

Also, with the close of the summer means a close to our wedding planning - we were married 8/28 after 7 years of dating.  We used these little bottles as place card holders, and I think I've found a great way to repurpose them.  A while back I ordered a few air plants from an online resource.  They sprout babies if healthy, and fit inside our tiny bottles.  It may take a while to use up the 50 bottles we have, but they will make sweet gifts in the coming months.

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